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Katy Cavanaugh,

C.Ht., CLC

The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself... The challange is to silence the mind. -unknown

With a seemingly innate sense of how to help people through their difficulties, large or small, Katy has made it her mission to help others to finally make peace with themselves; to recover from the fragmenting effects which life often inflicts; to stop allowing unhealthy patterns and vicious cycles to continue to rule their lives; to realize their potential and finally reach goals; to overcome obstacles, or simply to become a happier, healthier person.

From a very early age Katy was always befriending strangers with her warm, kind spirit and playful friendliness. Ever the inquisitive one, she has a curiosity about why and how things were made to happen, what makes people tick, and how it all comes together in either synchronicity, chaos, or something in between. Loving people from all walks of life, believing deep in her soul, that if we pay attention, observe without judgment and reeeeeally listen... We can learn something from every human being, regardless of their situation. Having this respect for the vast differences in all of us - be it emotional, physical, spiritual, educational, political, or socioeconomic - creates a genuine love and acceptance for others that shines through Katy the moment you meet her. 


Setting out on her own journey of personal healing over 11 years ago set Katy on a path of discovery and growth that was paramount in connecting the components of her life together, in such a way that is undeniably meant to be. Working with others through Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching is such an honor for Katy because she understands what it's like to be on the other side of putting back the fragmented pieces of a broken life.


After completing years of working with her own personal therapies including; Talk Therapy, Trauma Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Al-anon, and Life Coaching... Katy's therapist/mentor suggested she would be a wonderful candidate to work with others in some capacity, to pass along all that she had learned... So back to school she went to become a Certified Hypnotherapist with additional specialty certifications in many areas (including Trauma Recovery, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Weight Loss, and more) and she is also a Certified Expert Level Life Coach. Katy believes that we should never stop learning so even though she is the one helping folks with their challenges now, she humbly states that she “continues to learn just as much from the gift of working together with them.”  Creating her practice with an atmosphere of warmth and love has been her mode of operation... Something you'll not only see when you walk through the doors of Namastè Hypnotherapy, but something you'll most certainly feel.

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